The 2019 Chris Stapleton tour begins to rock the world in Scotland on March 08, and Chris Stapleton’s tour schedule doesn’t slow down much after that. Moving on from Scotland, Chris goes to Ireland, the UK, and finally to the United States where there will be 31 stops, ending the tour in Kentucky on November 11th. He’ll be a busy man this year, that’s for sure.

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Chris Stapleton Tour 2019
Chris Stapleton will be playing more than 30 concerts across the US in 2019

This summer 2019 concert will be a continuation of his All-American Road Show that began in 2017. The Chris Stapleton tour 2019 will be packed full of crazy good guitar picking, rocking drum solos, and beautiful grunge-style singing from Stapleton himself.

Chris Stapleton tour openers

The Chris Stapleton tour openers will vary depending on the city, he’ll even have a show or two with the great George Strait. You’ll definitely be able to catch Margo Price, The Marcus King Band, Brent Cobb, The Brothers Osborne, and Kendell Marvel at some of Chris Stapleton’s concerts in 2019. If you don’t know who these openers are, let’s take a minute to explore the incredible talent that will be attending the Chris Stapleton tour in 2019.

Margo Price

First, we have Margo Price, who popped onto the country music scene in 2016 with her album Midwest Farmer’s Daughter, then in 2017 she had another hit album named All American Made, which put her on the charts. Margo is a sweet, spunky, girl who will have you rocking through her song set, with hits like A Little Plain, Hurtin, and Wild Women.

The Marcus King Ban

Next, we have The Marcus King Band, who had their first album in 2014 called Soul Insight, which did incredible. They’ve had several other albums, but their most recent Carolina Confessions is soulful, raw, and addicting. You won’t want to miss these guys when they go on tour with Christ Stapleton in 2019.

Brent Cobb

Brent Cobb is another singer that will be headed to tour this year, he’s got a strong voice and is destined for greatness. The Grammy nominated singer will be ready to blow your mind on this Chris Stapleton tour 2019.

Brothers Osborne

The Brothers Osborne are pretty popular now a days, especially in the country world, with songs like Stay a Little Longer, and It Ain’t My Fault.

Kendal Marvel

Finally, Kendal Marvel will attend a few shows, he’ll make you believe you’re in an old school bar with the way that he sings so smooth. He’s got an old school country vibe that can’t be duplicated.

Legendary Tour

To say that the Chris Stapleton tour line up is going to be great is an understatement, it’s going to be legendary. There is no way you are going to want to miss the Chris Stapleton tour 2019, especially if you are a huge country fan.

People will be lining up to get tickets throughout the year, so don’t hesitate, get yours today. The Chris Stapleton tour dates are fast approaching, and the schedule is going to be fast and furious. There is no doubt in my mind that he will have one of the best concerts of the year.

Whether you have a family member who loves Chris Stapleton, a significant other who is a huge fan, or you yourself can’t get enough of his music, there is no reason to hesitate, choose your seats today!

You won’t regret seeing him life, in fact the only thing you’ll regret is if you miss out on this incredible opportunity. Chris Stapleton, along with his openers, will bring the house down. Seeing it live will be one of the coolest experiences you’ll have in your entire life.

Tour Info
Events: 32 stops

Start date: Feb 10, 2019
Last date: Nov 02, 2019
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