The musical powerhouse Blake Shelton kicks off his brand-new tour Friends and Heroes on Valentine's Day of 2019. The Friends and Heroes Tour starts off with a concert in Oklahoma City on February 14, 2019, and ends in Albany, New York on March 23, with 18 shows in between.

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Blake Shelton Tour
Blake Shelton announced Friends and Heroes Tour for 2019

There is no way you are going to want to miss these Blake Shelton tour dates. The stage presence of each of tour performers is out of this world, so you can only imagine what getting them all together is going to be like, it's going to be loud and like one big hillbilly party.

Tour announcement

If you thought Blake Shelton was going to sneak into the arena near you without a huge cast of concert openers, then you thought wrong. Not only is Blake bringing the Bellamy Brothers and Lauren Alaina, but he's also performing with John Anderson and Trace Adkins. The announcement for 2019 tour was created in a very "Blake" way, with a hilarious and satirical video featuring Lauren Alaina as the unhelpful bartender. In the video, after a stressful day of worrying about who he is going to bring on tour with him, Blake spends his afternoon and evening in a bar, where he meets quite a lot of millennials that don't know any of the songs coming from the jukebox, songs that are sung by none other than the Bellamy Brothers, John Anderson and Trace Adkins.

Tour opening acts review

If you are one of those people who has no clue who the opening acts are for Blake Shelton on the Friends and Heroes tour, well let's dive right in. The Bellamy Brothers consists of Howard and David Bellamy, who have been performing together for forty years. The duo started out as a pop act, but then eventually changed to country in the 80's, where they had quite a lot of hits. Their first hit was "Let Your Love Flow", and they had subsequent hits with songs such as "Redneck Girl", "Crazy from the Heart", and "Reggae Cowboy". Their newest album "40 Years" is a combination of their biggest hits and 20 new tracks to enjoy, there is no doubt they will be kicking some country butt along all tour schedule. 

Then there is John Anderson, who has a very unique voice for the country music scene. The 90's were the years in which John topped the charts with hits like "Straight Tequila Night" and "Seminole Wind", his new album "Goldmine" is the perfect mix of the 90's John Anderson that we know, and his new inspiring sound. Of all of the acts on Friends and Heroes 2019 tour, besides Blake, Trace Adkins should be the most recognizable name. This is the man who sang "Honky Tonk Badonka Donk" after all. He's also had hits like "You're Gonna Miss This", "This Ain't No Thinkin Thing", and "Watered Down". 

Opener Lauren Alaina

Lastly, there is Lauren Alaina, the only girl on this Blake Shelton concert tour, but she can hold her own. This American Idol alum has taken the country world by storm in the last few years. Some of her more famous songs are "Road Less Traveled", "Ladies in the 90's", and "Georgia Peaches", her soulful sound will bring fire to all scheduled tour dates set. Seeing these acts together is going to be a wild ride that is sure to blow the roof off any stadium.