May 26, 2018
By Mary Sharp

Jason Aldean's Children

The American country star Jason Aldean would consider himself a family man, after heartbreak, divorce, and finding love again, this dad of soon to be four children has his hands full, as well as his heart.
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Jason Aldean married his first wife Jessica in 2001 and they quickly welcomed daughters Keeley in 2003 and Kendyl in 2007. Though it seemed that his world was picturesque, behind the scenes it wasn't always perfect.

Jason found himself in the middle of a scandal when he was seen kissing a woman that was not his wife, which sadly led to a divorce between Jason and Jessica. In 2012, Jason married his second wife Brittany, the woman who he was caught cheating with and who was also a singer on the show American Idol. They too, had a baby, a son named Memphis in 2017.

The couple recently surprised fans with the news that they are expecting another child in July of 2018.

Name Date Of Birth Age
Keeley Williams February 14, 2003 15
Kendyl Williams August 20, 2007  11
Memphis Aldean December 1, 2017 1

Memphis Aldean

Brittany and Jason did not have it easy when trying to conceive their first child, Brittany recently opened up about the struggle to get pregnant with Memphis. After endometriosis, the two songbirds went through in vitro fertilization. Even though it took months and money to get pregnant, there was so much love between the two that they were beyond thrilled to finally be carrying their little bundle of joy. This next baby was planned as well, Jason and Brittany didn't want to get too far out of the diapers and night time feeding stage and then have to start all over again, luckily, they got pregnant quicker this time, but still had to resort to in vitro fertilization.

Keely Williams

Jason's children are all doing quite well for themselves. Keeley, his first born, is now fifteen years old, and is following in her father's musical footsteps, she loves to play guitar, though she would rather play like Slash from Guns N Roses than her dear old dad.

Kendyl Williams

Kendyl is now 10 years old and loves to play dress up and help out with her little brother, she's like the mom of the children, always looking out for Memphis and trying to change his diapers and teach him new things. Memphis just turned one in December, so you can only imagine all of the things he's getting into around the house. It seems like the family is full of love and enjoys spending time together.

Aldean gives a lot of credit to his own father when it comes to how he raises his children. He states that his father taught him how to be a man, how to stick up for himself and told him how "you have to go out there and get what you want, because no one is going to get it for you". These are the attributes he tries to instill in his own children, as well as how family will always be there for you, no matter what. The 41-year-old singer is looking forward to bringing in the new year with a new baby.

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