April 09, 2020
By Kelly Findlay

Country Love Story: Brantley Gilbert And His Wife

Amber Cochran is popularly known as the wife of Brantley Gilbert, and she is known to be the inspiration behind a good number of his songs.
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Brantley Gilbert is well known as an American songwriter, country music singer, and record producer. At first, he was with Average Joes Entertainment, which happened to be Colt Ford’s label. With this brand, he released two singles titled: Modern day prodigal son and Halfway to Heaven. Currently, he is with the Big Machine records, under the Valory division, where he has three studio albums to his credit.

Amber Cochran is popularly known as the wife of Brantley Gilbert, and she is known to be the inspiration behind a good number of his songs. Before Brantley Gilbert got married to Amber Cochran, he dated Jana Kramer who happened to be a singer and an actress. Not long, they got engaged in January 2013. However, the duo split up later that year.

Two years later, Gilbert got married to Amber Cochran who was a schoolteacher in Georgia. The wedding took place in a low-key event in his home.

Amber Cochran is 36 years of age, having a slim build with brown dark eyes, and brown dark hair. Best known as the spouse of Brantley Gilbert, she inspired songs like: “You Don’t Know Me Like I Do,” “More Than Miles” and a host of others. It is known that Gilbert and Amber had been dating since high school. Although, there were hitches encountered during the course of their relationship.

Marital Life

Together, they both have a son named: Barret Hardy-Clay. In an interview, Cochran made a shocking revelation. She mentioned that it took the couple around thirteen years to get married. She further stated that one of the quintessential secrets of achieving success in one’s marital life is to continue dating.

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Brantley Gilbert and his wife currently live in Georgia, and they are known not to be the outgoing type, as they only attend award shows like the CMA awards for instance. In his own opinion, Gilbert maintained that he was not the one who messed up right from the start, he mentioned that it was Amber who left him and that he is blessed, based on the fact that they are back together.

The Song For Proposal

During the proposal which Gilbert made to Amber, he composed a song for her dad titled “Your Little Girl”. The couple once broke up, based on the fact that Gilbert was hooked on alcohol and opiates. However, after five years, Gilbert stated that he was willing to give the relationship another try. Eventually, they got back together.

The couple thereafter made plans to start a family in Jefferson, Georgia, which was where both stars were bred and fell for each other. For those who followed Brantley Gilbert’s personal life, they would confirm that it all happened so fast, considering the period of the star’s break-up with Jana Kramer, and his almost immediate engagement.

Amber's Divorce

As a matter of fact, when Amber Cochran was married to Brock Roland, who happened to be her ex-husband, she and Brantley Gilbert had already started making a public announcement about plans for their wedding. This action made Brock Roland file for a divorce; he stated in the divorce papers that his wife committed adultery, thus leading to the end of their marriage. The interesting part was, the split was not confirmed yet, until few weeks after Amber had stated publicly that she and Gilbert were already an item, and were bound to get married soon.

In her defense, Amber stated that Brock had abused her both mentally and physically. The divorce came through in October 2017, which happened to be three weeks after she and Gilbert were announced to be publicly engaged.

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