With so much talent, success and magical live performances, Florida Georgia Line tour dates are events you want to be part of and would remain unforgettable moments.

And in 2023, the duo has promised to blow our mind with another schedule of awesome concerts. Just like Brian Kelly hinted us, they are ready to party even bigger than it was before.

There are no upcoming tour dates.

If you are a real lover of country music, you would have heard about Florida Georgia Line. You have not? You are missing out of awesome country music. Florida Georgia Line is an American country music duo. The duo is made up of the vocalists Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley. The FGL holds achievements that have never been seen before in the country music genre. Their debut single "Cruise" (2010), which till now still remains their most popular song, cut open two major sales records; it is the first country music to get Diamond certification (with over seven million downloads), and also it became the best-selling digital country song of all time, because it stayed a whopping twenty-four weeks as the number one song on country music charts.

Florida Georgia Line also created for us a sub-genre of the country music genre; the sub-genre is called Bro-country. This sub-genre creates a sort of country music which mixes production elements from hip-hop and rock music. FGL wants to bring you all the sassy vibe and fun of life in their country music, thus, this genre they created caters for all you want for a cool vibe; the parties, drinks, fun rides, and love life. Through their unique style of music, they make songs that a lot of people can relate to and that they cannot help but love, many of such songs of theirs like "Get Your Shine On", "Smooth" and "Like Ain’t Even Gone" amongst many other.

If you are a fan or looking forward to being a fan, you had better start saving up to get the Florida Georgia Line concert tickets for yourself and your friends – or lover, as their live performances are an overwhelmingly sweet atmosphere for romance – for their upcoming concerts.

Florida Georgia Line has released for us their concerts’ dates, as they have hinted us about their concert schedule; they are touring around the United States and Australia too, to bring you sixty-nine concerts this year (doesn’t the number sound fun to you?).  With this concert schedule, you do not have to worry if there is any Florida Georgia Line concert near to you, you just need to check it up and it is quite sure you will find one of their concerts near me, oh I mean near you – I also cannot wait to get a ticket and go have fun!

As seen in the duo’s official release, the Florida Georgia Line concert schedule runs from this year to the coming year. The Florida Georgia concert dates have also been released. Their first appearance this year is going to be on June 3 at Frank Brown Park in Panama City Beach, FL.  Florida Georgia Line is not coming all alone to thrill you all, coming with them are the awesome openers as Morgan Wallen, Canaan Smith, Dan + Shay, and HARDY. The atmosphere is going to be energetic, lovely and more awesome this time. So if you are in the US, get your bills for the Florida Georgia Line concert ticket ready.

They also have plans for their fans in Australia. The last time, they were in Australia, was unforgettable for their fans; the performance shook the grounds of Australia. If you missed the duo’s previous concert in Australia or you just got to be their fan, get your tickets for the FGL concert right now. Each day’s concert is done in different venues, get tickets for the venue nearest to you and get your party shoes ready!

Another hot gist of this awesome concert is that it is expected to include the return of their Florida Georgia Line Festival at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Indianapolis. All we know for sure is that the Florida Georgia line concerts as scheduled are going to be fire, know the concert dates, choose the one nearest to you, get the concert ticket and get ready to not feel your face when vibe hits you!