Here, we will be talking about Brantley Gilbert biography, how he lived his life, his ambition, career, and other facts about the artist. Brantley Gilbert is a country music songwriter, singer and record producer. He is endowed with skills that are quite interesting and awesome and this have helped him to find his place and it has also taken him to places in the music Industry. 

The "Halfway to Heaven" singer, Brantley Gilbert recently celebrated a birthday. He was born on January 20th, 1985, which makes him 39 years old. Age ain’t nothing but a number for young singers like Brantley, who continue to put out hit after hit. This chart topper has had multiple number one songs on the country music charts, and the singer’s net worth is around 15 million dollars.

Early years

Brantley Gilbert’s hometown is Jefferson, Georgia, where he grew up writing his own music and performing for friends and family. Brantley Gilbert father is Keith Gilbert while his mother is Becky Gilbert. He has one younger brother named Kolby, who is not in the spotlight. Brantley’s father was one of his biggest supporters. Brantley Gilbert was not a bright student while in school but he struggled all his way up to reach his peak in his educational career. Brantley Gilbert was a college student who was studying at the College and State University, Georgia and he was aspiring to become a marriage and relationship counselor. He was able to become what he intended for himself in life and he had a job at the Friendship Elementary in Gainesville where he assumed the position of a special-needs counselor.

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Brantley Gilbert performing for attendees
Brantley Gilbert at the 2021 AmericaFest in Phoenix, AZ.

His earliest songs were written when he was just thirteen years old. When Brantley became 19 years old, he met with an accident which caused him his memory and he was unable to continue with his job due to his loss of memory. This incidence became a bad part of his life and he took refuge for his soul through music. Being a songwriter at an early age in life, when he was 13, he said music had helped him heal partly and he was able to gain some of his lost memories back. Brantley Gilbert brother, Kolby Gilbert grew up together with him and they shared a lovable and awesome childhood together. 

Music Career

Brantley Gilbert career started when he was 13. Brantley was a God songwriter who enjoyed writing music and loves singing. He grew up to become a country music singer and he is into the southern rock, country, country rock and hard rock genre of music. Brantley Gilbert had his first career signing at the Colt Ford's label, Average Joe's entertainment where he released two albums which includes Modern day prodigal son (which he released in 2009) and Halfway to heaven (which he released on March 16, 2010).

Brantley Gilbert later left Colt Ford's label for the Big Machine label group where he released three studio albums till date and they include deluxe edition of Halfway to heaven, Just as I am (released in May, 2014) and The Devil don't sleep. Brantley Gilbert band members or associate acts includes Jason Aldean, Colt Ford, Thomas Rhett, Justin Moore, Rachel Farley, and Eric Church. 

Some Brantley Gilbert facts includes the award winning songs which he wrote for Jason Aldean, "My kinda party", and "Dirt Road anthem". Some of Brantley Gilbert songs includes "My faith in you", You don't know her like I do, More than miles, Bottoms up, One hell of an Amen and lots more. 

The Brantley Gilbert band would release several tracks on four albums, two of them becoming platinum, and the last one "The Devil Don’t Sleep", went to number one in the United States. Members of the Brantley Gilbert band include Brantley, Jess Franklin, and Johnathon Waggoner. His song "Kick It In The Sticks" went platinum, and Brantley would go on to make many more number one hit songs.

Brantley Gilbert's Wife

Brantley Gilbert got engaged to Jana Kramer on January 20, 2013, on his 28th birthday. This relationship didn't last as the two of them trend their different paths not after in August 2013. Brantley Gilbert met the love of his life, Amber Cochran, and got married to her in June 2015. He’d actually known Amber for many years, she lived in his hometown of Jefferson, GA. Brantley Gilbert said that his wife has been a source of inspiration for him as he confessed that she was the reason behind some of his singles "You don't know her like I do", "More than miles" and others. 

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Brantley Gilbert on stage
Brantley Gilbert on stage at Tortuga Music Festival

Brantley Gilbert is living a simple and memorable life e with his wife Amber and they are happy. Amber is around the same age as Brantley, and they have similar morals and aspirations.

Brantley's Baby Boy

The Brantley Gilbert biography will not be complete if his son is not mentioned. Though the family had their difficulties getting pregnant in the beginning, through IVF Brantley and his wife Amber were able to get pregnant in February of 2017. They both were extremely excited to have a child, and the singer announced that he was going to be a dad on tour. The little bundle of joy, Brantley’s son, was born on November 11, 2017 in Athens, Georgia. Though the singer’s baby boy came sooner than expected, the couple already had his name picked out. Barrett Hardy-Clay Gilbert may be a mouthful, but the names are sentimental to the singer and his wife. There are many pictures of Brantley’s baby on the display, and Brantley’s son has even made his stage debut.

Brantley’s’ life may have started on the wrong foot, his health was in despair in his twenties, but after beginning his music career and meeting the love of his life, it seems that Brantley is doing very well for himself. It’s almost guaranteed that we will be seeing more of this showstopper in the future. 

Brantley Gilbert
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